Teen Driver Safety

Every teenager longs for that moment when they can finally take hold of their glossy, new license. The inevitably awkward photo is of no importance—what matters is the freedom that comes with the responsibility of driving. The problem is that some teens don’t fully feel the weight of that responsibility. Help your new driver to embrace the seriousness of their time on the road by enforcing these rules, recommended by us at Rex Perry Hyundai.

Teen Driver Safety

No Peer Passengers

The key to good teen driver safety is avoiding distractions. While carpooling with friends may be one of the most exciting images to a new driver, having friends in the car can also take attention away from the road. Depending on the driver, set a limitation to how much experience he or she should get behind the wheel before allowing friends in the car.

Set a Curfew

Anyone who has driven at night knows that the lack of sunlight and the addition of bright headlights can totally change the driving dynamic. Make sure that your teen driver has plenty of experience and practice driving in the daytime before he or she takes the wheel at night.

No Cell Phones

It’s no surprise that cell phones are a big cause of distractions and accidents. Many teenagers today have trouble resisting the constant urge to check social media or text messages. A great way to avoid this is by not allowing cell phones in the cabin of a vehicle. Cell phones should be kept in the trunk while driving so that there’s no temptation to take eyes off the road in favor of a phone’s screen.

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