Hyundai Adds New Ioniq Hybrid To Lineup

The Hyundai Ioniq has always been an EV, with the only true hybrid in the brand’s lineup being a variant of the popular Sonata. However, Hyundai is changing this for the 2017 model year. The new 58-mpg Ioniq Hybrid is being added to the new model variants for the EV, including the pure EV version and also a new Ioniq plug-in hybrid, with the option to drive in both hybrid and EV mode. This move will give Hyundai customers and compact car fans more options when it comes to the green car segment.

The new Ioniq Hybrid has actually already arrived at dealerships across the country, including ours at Rex Perry Hyundai. If you’re interested in the EV model, that one’s only available onsite in California, but you can get your hands on it by special order. The Plug-In Hybrid, however, will not be making its way to the public until later this year when it launches as a 2018 model year.

The new Ioniq Hybrid was engineered to deliver a smooth and fun driving experience purposefully by the team at Hyundai, who wanted to create a hybrid that did more than just save on gas. The Plug-In Hybrid model’s driving modes will even include a “Sport” option for drivers looking for something with a little more spirited ride. So, make sure you stop by Rex Perry Hyundai to check out the new Ioniq Hybrid.

*All fuel economy numbers are based on EPA estimates and may vary depending on the driver.