Important Flood Driving Safety Tips to Remember This Spring

As the snow finally melts for the last time – and the spring rains begin to fall – the risk of flash flooding is higher than ever. While it seems plausible to avoid floods altogether, it can be hard to predict when they will start. If you find yourself driving when a flood begins, keep these flood driving safety tips in mind:

Flood Driving Safety Tips

  • Never, ever attempt to drive through standing water on the road or even in a parking lot. Just 12 inches of water can make your car lose contact with the ground.
  • If you see any barricades that have been put up to protect people from flooding, respect those barricades.
  • If you must drive through some sort of puddle, drive slowly and keep your eyes peeled for floating debris.
  • Avoid any roads where power lines may have gone down to avoid electrocution.
  • Lastly, if you car becomes stuck in the water, abandon it. Get yourself to safety and then call for help.

Stay safe this spring! And for more safety tips, visit us anytime at Perry Hyundai.