Hyundai Virtual Guide is a Cool Owner’s Manual

Hyundai Virtual Guide
Discover the new Hyundai virtual guide!

The owner’s manual we tend to keep in our car’s glovebox is full of useful information; unfortunately, it also tends to be hundreds of pages thick, making it inconvenient to use when we actually want that information.

That’s why Hyundai is introducing the Hyundai Virtual Guide, an augmented reality app that helps you answer all the questions you have about your 2015 Hyundai Sonata through your smartphone or tablet.

It’s not a traditional app, though. One of the ways you can get the information you need is by pointing your phone or tablet’s camera at the engine bay, and the app will overlay the location of items like the dipstick, battery, and air cooler. You can press the boxes representing these items to get even more information on how to attend to them. You can also do this with the interior and the gauge cluster.

We assume Hyundai will roll out the technology for more models than just the 2015 Sonata in the future. We expect all customers at Rex Perry Hyundai will soon be able to enjoy this awesome new technology!